Benefits of Hand Feeding

Bennett Canine Training

Hand-feeding is a very important element to the foundation of training your dog. It isn’t necessary for all dogs, but it most definitely can help with all dogs.

Who do I recommend hand feeding to? Well, the answer to that is everyone. Hand feeding your dog is like putting primer on before you paint. If you’ve adopted a new dog it helps to lay the foundation so that your dog is ready to learn and helps to quickly develop a bond. It also increases work ethic which makes training much easier.

When a dog’s life depends on it because of the lack of socialization or a lack of training hand feeding is no longer optional. A dog that growls at people in the home, a dog with a history of aggression or a dog with extreme fear would all be examples of a dog that hand feeding maybe a requirement…

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Why are humans the only creatures on Earth that shouldn’t be forced to work?

Whenever I talk to someone about their animals, I generally make them angry. Not because I’m being particularly rude. Not because I degrade them personally for how they act. Not even because what I am saying is wrong.
I offend people because I tell them that what they know has changed. I tell them that what they hold on to is fading. That there is a better way. However, I also tell them that they can be better.
Did you know that any creature can be taught to do any thing? There is no set laws concerning what an animal can do?
We’ve been proving that wrong for thousands of years. “Man can’t fly!” “You can’t go to the moon!” “You can’t build a building over 100 stories!”
Now here’s a new one. “Your pet doesn’t need to be forced to do what you want it to do.”
Even further, “your pet doesn’t have to do what you want it to do.” That makes us mad.
“But it’s MY; horse, dog, monkey…….”
True! By our laws it is your property. There is legal ramifications is someone takes it, but that doesn’t mean it’s only yours. It is also their: horse, dog, monkey…… They have a choice and we should respect that!
Honestly I get it, and I’m not saying that we should never tell them to do anything, or let them make all of their own decisions. What we should do is, BE THE HUMAN!
Many dog trainers will teach you to be the Alpha, the Dominant, the Pack Leader. When all they are saying is, “be a dog” do what dogs do to prove to them that they have to follow you.
Folks, I’m not a dog. I can drive a car, I can figure out algebra, I understand empathy and compassion and respect. I should use this mind I have been gifted with to prove that I can find a better way.
Now I kind of went a little sideways from the point I initially made, but to come back around. I tell people that their animals don’t need to do what we want.
What we should do as people, is get our animals to want to do what we want, so that we don’t have to force them.
Make loading into a trailer a fun thing, so they walk right in.
Make walking by your side so awesome that no matter how many tabbies there are, they stay there.
Be a better person.
Wait! That’s different. Where did that come from?
I’m in church right now, and pastor Bruce is telling me to “Put Love In The Way”
Loving something is not forcing it to obey. Love is not punishment. Love is care and understanding.
Love is teaching, not expecting.
Let’s be better people, not because our pets will work with us better, but because we will work better for the world.